Yes. The Lottery Permit issued by the Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor is LS216986521 and the permit holder is Joe McCarthy, 3 Carlyle Crescent, Duncraig, WA – 6023

Only 40,000 tickets are available in the Premier Lottery – meaning you have a 1 in 40,000 chance to win the Grand Prize. These are incredible odds when compared to the odds of winning first prize in (for example):

  • Powerball – 1 in 13,449,400
  • Oz Lotto – 1 in 45,379,620
  • Saturday Lotto – 1 in 8,145,060
  • Set for Life – 1 in 38,608,020
  • MS Home Lottery 1 in 240,000 based on the last house and land package give away.

*Odds are dependent upon the number of tickets sold and are calculated on the maximum number of tickets sold.
** Odds have been sourced from The Australian Official Lotteries Website (VIC)

The draw will be held on 11 February 2022.

You can only buy the ticket online.

Premier Lottery has a Privacy Policy which will be provided as and when needed. All credit card details and transactions are conducted in line with current legislation. Premier Lottery does not sell or share any personal data with any other parties.

Your purchase will be listed as Premier lottery on your bank or credit card statement.

You must be 18 years or older, and cannot purchase a ticket under the name of, or for a minor.

You can collect your tickets instantly at the end of your online ticket purchase by clicking “Collect Tickets” on the confirmation page. If you haven’t clicked on the “Collect Tickets” button, you can follow the steps given in your confirmation email, which will be sent to you within 5-20 minutes after your ticket purchase has been confirmed.

Please note: If there is a high volume of traffic on the website, your email confirmation may be delayed so please allow time for this to come through and make sure you check your Spam/Junk folder before calling us for further assistance.

Final ticket sales close on 31 January 2022.

All prizes will be drawn on 11 February 2022. After each prize draw, the winner is recorded, and the ticket number is then excluded from any further prize draws.

It is likely that the draw will be taken at Premier lottery Head Quarters (under the auspicious of the official auditor and all necessary permit obligations) HBF Arena, Kennedya Dr, Joondalup WA 6027 (subject to WA Government Pandemic Measures)

The Premier Lottery will be independently verified and audited by MGI Parkinson for the completeness and fairness of the draw.

All winners will be notified by email, shortly after the prize draws have been completed. The winners of the Grand Prize, vehicles and holidays will receive a phone call from Premier Lottery Inc. Limited shortly after the prize draws have been completed.

All winners will be published at premierlottery the day after the draws have taken place. All winners will be published at premierlottery the day after the draws have taken place.

We will call you directly to inform winners of the 1st prize. The rest of the prize winners will be notified via email.

All proceeds from the Premier Lottery will fund multiple streams of sport in Western Australia. Support towards the Indigenous Australian Football program, Junior Pathways 15-17 Talent Program, Women’s Australian Football League, disability football program and other sporting code contributions.


All Abilities Program

In 2021 Premier lottery will be running an all abilities football program known as startkick. “If you want to play, we will find a way”
Starkick is an all abilities AFL Auskick program for boys and girls of all ages. Starkick caters for those children who by circumstances or choice are unable to join into an existing Football environment and aims to cater for all disabilities. Children engage in games and activities geared towards their own abilities. Inclusion and equality. A sense of belonging and being part of a wider team and community club. Children are provided with the necessary support, and when required have access to 1 on 1 assistance. Through team activities, children learn important social skills, including cooperation and respect for others. Starkick aims to help children develop to their full potential, but not without our primary focus of kids just having fun. Details on these sessions will be announced in Feb 2021 and will begin in April.


Community at Risk Programs

Premier lottery will be forming a relationship with the local schools in 2021 to have a targeted youth program aimed at boys and girls ages 12 – 18 years of age. The program will be fully funded and will based around 2 weekly sessions held at Premier lottery. These sessions will be based around football but will also touch base on core values including leadership, resilience and wellbeing. Both the City of Wanneroo and The City of Joondalup have been briefed on this program and are very supportive of it. Premier lottery will also be engaging with the local police as a key stakeholder in this program. The belonging to a club will be the key learning for the youth involved and all participants will receive Premier lottery memberships as well as further opportunities.


After Schools Program

The after-school program is a 8 week x school term clinic facilitated by certified coaches to encourage school children to turn to sport after school instead of hanging around the wrong crowd and participating in anti-social or criminal behaviour. Our aim is to reach out to youth who may not necessarily participate in sports. Emphasis here is on health, fitness and well-being through a fun activity where current skill levels should not hold anyone back. We believe team sports help young people learn to be accountable, responsible, disciplined, passionate and driven to improve. They expose them to meet new friends. Apart from character building, many studies have shown sports – especially team sports help students do better academically. For instance, repetitive drills of set pieces, memorizing tactics and team strategies are skillsets that can be directly relevant to classwork. Goal – setting and leadership skills learnt on the field can also be transferred to the classroom.


Career Advancement Program

Beginning in term 1 2021. The Premier lottery will be delivering a career advancement program. The first course delivered will be Certificate 111 in Career Advancement. This qualification is designed to provide course participants with the essential foundation skills required to enter and thrive in the workforce.


The range of skills developed in the course include both specific skills relative to the workplace, as well as a strong focus on soft skills such as; Positive Psychology, Growth V’s Fixed Mindsets, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health Literacy, Goal Setting, Forming Good Habits, Attitudes and Beliefs, Resilience, Team Work, Leadership, Negotiation, Persuasion and Motivation. Much of the course content/learning materials supports the work of the PAHL (Psychology of Active, Healthy Living) Group of the University of Western Australia (UWA) and it is the intention of the course providers to work closely with PAHL throughout the ongoing review and refinement of the course.


This qualification is designed to provide students with a deeper, more meaningful sense of self that provides the foundation for students to apply high level learning strategies to facilitate lifelong learnings and transferable generic skills across various industries.


Fundamental transportable skills that the program will focus on include:

  • Mental Health Literacy
  • Positive Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Goal Setting and Mindset
  • Problem Solving and conflict resolution – negotiation and persuasion skills
  • Effective communication
  • Teamwork and relationship building
  • Time management and self-management
  • Financial Literacy
  • Digital Literacy


The course is open to 40 students from schools all over the metropolitan area. The course is delivered 1 day a week over 3 terms for students in both year 11 and 12.


Homelessness in Joondalup

Premier lottery is teaming up with the City of Joondalup and The City of Wanneroo to be part of the Regional Homelessness plan which was created via a joint venture between local governments in 208. Premier lottery will become a service provider for this plan which will involve engaging with homelessness population and offering weekly community – based gatherings at our facility.


CALD in Joondalup

Premier lottery has engaged with the Northern Suburbs multi-cultural network to develop a pilot football program aimed at providing football opportunities and inexpensive fun for people from multicultural backgrounds, particularly young indigenous players and immigrants, involved in a social atmosphere playing the game od AFL. This program will be promoted within local community forums with a once a week pilot session to begin in early March 2021.


Female Focus

This female only program is specific to targeted disadvantaged groups who are aged between 12 – 17 and 18+. The program for the younger female participants (aged 12-17) will involve weekly training sessions focusing on individual and team skill development as well as small-sided game play. The older age group (18+) will be involved in weekly sessions in the form of small-sided games. Premier lottery has been granted a WAFLW license for 2021. We will begin to develop our female talent program from the age of 12.

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